Boat Covers for Winter use

As the autumn draws to and end and winter is just round the corner may people will start to think about putting their boat away until the spring next year. As well as derigging their masts and stowing the sails they will be looking to cover their boats with a boat cover. In its simplest form this could be just a tarpaulin sheet draped over the boom and secured with ropes and cords. For many this will not be enough and they are looking to have better protection and closer fitting of the cover to the hull. A good fitting cover should protect from the worst that the weather can throw at it during the winter months keeping rain, sleet and snow off the boat as well as stopping the suns UV rays from doing further damage. The materials used for boat covers are based on acrylics & polyesters often with further coatings e.g. polyurethane to give additional waterproof attributes.

Mooring a yacht alongside a wall

You have managed to bring your yacht safely alongside and with the fenders neatly positioned so as not to touch the hull against the quay wall, you are ready to tie up. This requires 4 lines from the boat to the quayside; a bow line, a stern line and 2 spring lines. The bow & stern lines are secured to the quayside, usually via a ring or bollard with a round turn & two half hitches or bowline respectively, then led onto the boat through a fairlead and secured onto a cleat. The quayside securing points for the bow and stern lines need to be in front of the bow and behind the stern of the boat respectively. The spring lines are secured to the quayside as the bow & stern lines but the securing points are just short of the length of the boat with the stern and bow spring lines crossing. This holds the boat securely but there is a need to be aware of the tidal range.


Luxuries involved with houseboating in Europe

What defines luxury in a house boat? Before considering the house boat itself there are a few external factors that have an impact on the feeling of luxury. One of these is the location of the house boat. Another is access to the mooring and the services that are offered on the site. A long walk across a muddy field to get to your houseboat might not make the luxury it has on board quite so appealing. One shouldn’t forget the neighbours even when the mooring is on the water! Assuming these factors have been considered and suitably catered for then more attention can be focussed onto the on board luxury. From a distance the house boat should look luxurious. As one approaches further detail should reinforce the feeling of luxury. This is where traditional materials as well as stainless steel can make a difference. Once on board the finer details will complete the overall impression such as the entertainment systems and the internal fittings and fixtures. Get all these aspects right and you will have a luxurious houseboat.


Water Sports – A growing trend in the UK

Water sports are for those who like being outdoors and in the fresh air. You can explore new places and can travel large distances quickly and easily. Speed is not the only thing though and you can also stop, drop anchor and have something to eat or just rest and enjoy the surroundings! It is really easy to find ways of trying and enjoying water sports. There are plenty of companies where you can hire boats from a few hours. Alternatively you can take a range of courses that can give you the skills and confidence to enjoy your chosen water sport safely. Courses should be run by qualified instructors and can be taken on your own or as a group with family, friends or other like-minded people. Boat ownership can be expensive but it is possible to find boats of all sizes and to fit every budget.


Enjoy Luxury Holidays By Hiring Yacht

There are so many beautiful destinations such as Dubai where you can have huge fun. You will find beaches, amazing infrastructures, museums, luxury hotels and much more. You can even hire yacht for any special occasion or can explore Dubai with your own crew. Not only in Dubai, but there are several destinations offering yacht hire to explore the beauty of the countries. You can enjoy on the beautiful water of sea and have romantic honeymoon yachting, enjoy and party with friends or have a great family time on yacht. There are lots of activities which you can enjoy on yacht, comfortable cabins and yacht have beautiful interiors n amenities which is going to make you feel like you are in heaven. There are many companies which are easily available online from where you can hire yacht. They also sell and buy old yacht. Locals can purchase second hand yacht and have their own luxury rides.

  • Narrowboats

    The boating lifestyle doesn't always have to be extremely expensive and there are a number of affordable riverboats and used narrowboats for sale. Boats built in the early 1990s can still perform well today, especially when they've been well looked after by the previous owners.