Water Sports – A growing trend in the UK

Water sports are for those who like being outdoors and in the fresh air. You can explore new places and can travel large distances quickly and easily. Speed is not the only thing though and you can also stop, drop anchor and have something to eat or just rest and enjoy the surroundings! It is really easy to find ways of trying and enjoying water sports. There are plenty of companies where you can hire boats from a few hours. Alternatively you can take a range of courses that can give you the skills and confidence to enjoy your chosen water sport safely. Courses should be run by qualified instructors and can be taken on your own or as a group with family, friends or other like-minded people. Boat ownership can be expensive but it is possible to find boats of all sizes and to fit every budget.

Enjoy Luxury Holidays By Hiring Yacht

There are so many beautiful destinations such as Dubai where you can have huge fun. You will find beaches, amazing infrastructures, museums, luxury hotels and much more. You can even hire yacht for any special occasion or can explore Dubai with your own crew. Not only in Dubai, but there are several destinations offering yacht hire to explore the beauty of the countries. You can enjoy on the beautiful water of sea and have romantic honeymoon yachting, enjoy and party with friends or have a great family time on yacht. There are lots of activities which you can enjoy on yacht, comfortable cabins and yacht have beautiful interiors n amenities which is going to make you feel like you are in heaven. There are many companies which are easily available online from where you can hire yacht. They also sell and buy old yacht. Locals can purchase second hand yacht and have their own luxury rides.


To spend your leisure in either a planned holiday or an interesting way, you can consider boating or yachting. Boating or yachting, is water sports exciting options people consider as their activities while they are on holiday. Boating and yachting are one of the most popular activities and thus they provide better benefits to the people.

Benefits of Boating or Yachting activities

Boating improves the quality of a human life by making it worth living. The activity of boating creates an impact on the brain, whereas it reduces stress and gives enriching opportunities too. If you’re boating with your family, it gives an opportunity to enhance bonding between the families. It is amongst the best engaging tasks that kids and adults enjoy. It provides you comfort and offers you an ability to discover more about the sea or river. The fresh air around the river while boating, benefits your heath by removing stress from your entire body.

Taking pleasure in deep sea Fishing charter

Boating undoubtedly helps children build up their self-consciousness, while involving in activities like fishing and boating kids literally derive fun and jollity. You will be amazed to see how pleasurable the experience can be when your little kid involve in fishing and his delicate hands take out small fries, it will not only please him but will be a pleasurable experience for all of you. Now few think that fishing is a boring, monotonous feat but if that’s what you think then you should try deep sea fishing as it is one of the breath taking, adrenaline driven, nail biting experience of life time that no other water activity can ever get you.

While running behind fishes like swordfish, sailfish, Mahi Mahi, tuna, Shark, Kingfish, Tilefish, Barracuda excitement reaches the highest possible point. So to get into a total frenzy mood you have to contact those service providers who are quite productively offering deep sea fishing charters.

Looking to hire a houseboat in Amsterdam? read our guide

If you’re looking to go away to Amsterdam for a week then you may look to hire out a house boat in the centre of the city. For a relivately low cost, you can enjoy the city directly from the river.

Here are some of the best places to check out in Amsterdam;

Top Center Amsterdam, close to Central Station, Dam Square, New Market, Red Light District, Waterloo-plein Fleemarket, Nemo, Museum of Modern Art, China Town and many, many more.

Fortunately the houseboats offer all the comfort, romance, humor and warmth of a real home but instead of paying the high price tag of a hotel, you can see most house boats rent out at around £30-£40 per night, making it a real cost effective experience for family and friends.

Most of the boats also don’t plunge you into the stone age, especially as they include free WiFi, private parking, drinking water, heating, bed linen, towels, cups, cutlery, pans, hair dryers,iron & ironing board and many ore of the essential daily needs.

Luxury House boats – made of solid oak

House boats are becoming a popular choice in the UK for a number of external factors that many homeowners cannot control. For example, utility prices continue to drive the amount of disposable income of families up and down the country as prices continue to rise and the pockets of the big 6 energy suppliers continues to expand.

This alone has led many to seek alternative arrangements in living in a well sheltered and protected area. One of those avenues that many have looked into is living on a house boat or long barge. Generally the ones who are fortunate to afford the high price tag that these particular living quarters now go for, pay a much lower amount of tax and utilities required to keep the boat running. Coupled alongside this benefit, house boats with certain circumstances can be moved up and down the river, giving the owners a different views.

Houseboats and their appeal to people looking for a house

Amsterdam is the main city for houseboats. The number of weaving canals, rivers and small tributaries makes them quite appealing, especially on the basis that it is one of the most built up cities in the world.

However, in the UK houseboats could be another potential way to own a place to live for a much lower cost. Some mortgage companies are in fact lending to potential customers who are looking to purchase house boats under different financial schemes. The benefits however are enormous and they are extremely environmentally friendly and peaceful.

You’re utility bills and costs associated with gas, water and electricity is already reduce. You have to pay no kind of estate management charge or tax and you get to be by the river, offering excellent transport links especially if you live in a built up city area where such links have been created by the general public.

Giving your boat a Spring Clean this winter

Most boaters will start organising their belongings, clearing their boats out for the winter period, and a complete spring clean can ensure your boat is ready for the ‘hibernation’ period.

You’re unlikely to use your boat in the frosty months, and it’s important to make sure you don’t have any valuable items left onboard. When you return to using your boat in spring, the last thing you want to return to is damp clothes, bedding and clutter. A winter spring clean prepares you boat for its next journey, which is likely to be several months down the line.

Clothes should be removed; plates and cups should be washed and stored away, whilst upholstery, carpets, floorboards and worktops should be wiped down. You’ll then be able to return to your boat when the weather is fine, without having to carry out a quick, panic clearout.


Information about new narrowboats

Narrow boats are long and narrow water vehicles that are designed to be steered in gentle courses of canals and other water systems. They have ample space and are often used for shipping cargo across small water bodies or sightseeing and cruising for tourists. Since their invention as far back as the 1800’s, these boats have evolved both in appearance and purpose.

With constant change in design, new narrowboats are built to give ultimate control, maneuverability and safety when cruising. For those looking to customize their boats into their own liking, then they can have a team of skilled boat builders to fit their needs. They can be involved in every step of the building process with a full building team consisting of carpenters, engineers and project managers that have been assigned to their new bespoke narrow boat. Usually, a narrow boat will take approximately 6 weeks to build the hull, 10 to 12 weeks for internal fit out and two weeks for external painting. This translates to about 20 weeks from start to finish for a complete build

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Alarm Systems for your Beloved Boat

Unfortunately boats are often vulnerable to thieves, especially when they tend to be out of use during the winter period. This is why many boaters install alarm systems when the boating season is over, and there are many innovative devices out there to choose between.

If you’re located nearby then an alarm sound is probably all you need, yet for those who leave their boats further afield, you can buy systems which send you an SMS message when the motion detectors have gone off.

CCTV can be a little on the expensive side( in terms of operation), and you will need to keep checking up on your boating security equipment from time to time to make sure it’s all in working order. You may remove most belongings form your boat during the winter, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and nobody wants a trespasser stepping into their boat, rummaging through belongings.

  • Narrowboats

    The boating lifestyle doesn't always have to be extremely expensive and there are a number of affordable riverboats and used narrowboats for sale. Boats built in the early 1990s can still perform well today, especially when they've been well looked after by the previous owners.